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Preparing your business for the return to normal

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BC Hydro's industrial programs offer free support to customers looking to better understand their operations and ways to improve their efficiency.

Prioritizing system maintenance, energy efficiency

With COVID-19 vaccinations ramping up in the province, many businesses are starting to return to pre-pandemic operations. And while your primary focus is on your team's safety in preparation for this return to 'normal', it's also important to make sure your facility and your equipment are ready to return to work.

If your facility hasn't been running at full capacity for a while, maybe you need to review maintenance across your equipment. And if the pandemic has impacted your revenue over the last year, you'll no doubt be looking for ways to minimize costs moving forward.

As always, we're here with several ways to help you get back up and running as efficiently as possible, along with helping you to reduce your energy consumption wherever you can.

How the Operational Energy Analytics program can help

The Operational Energy Analytics (OEA) program is one of our Strategic Energy Management programs. It's a free service that shows you how to better understand your system to make year-over-year savings. You can read more details in a feature story we shared just before the pandemic, but here are the program highlights:

  • You'll get a better understanding of your company's energy usage and teach you some useful energy management principles
  • You'll have a clear understanding of each line item on your bill and receive incentive recommendations and a participation bonus
  • We'll present you with an operational plan tailored for your business – some businesses are able to achieve double-digit percentage savings on their bills just by implementing OEA operational recommendations

Energy studies and audits

As an alternative to the OEA program, we also offer a range of free or funded energy studies and audits that put you in touch with energy experts who will look for recommendations and opportunities depending on the size and type of your business:

  • Plant-wide audit: For facility-wide annual electricity use of two gigawatt-hours or more.
  • End-use or Energy efficiency feasibility study: For annual electricity use of more than one gigawatt-hour for a specific system.

Want to find out more?

Learn more about OEA and energy studies on

You can also contact your Key Account Manager or Regional Account Manager, and of course, the BC Hydro Business Helpdesk: