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Estimated restoration times for southern Interior communities

Updated January 4

Crews have made steady progress in repairing damage caused by the major snowstorm that hit the Interior on New Year’s Eve which left around 160,000 customers without power at some point.

The rural location of the damage and snow-covered roads that are still being cleared is making restoration more challenging. Snow is up to three feet in places and crews are having to clear roads and dig around equipment in order to make repairs. Repair work will continue around the clock until power is restored to the region. 

We appreciate our customers’ continued patience as we work through repairs.

We've estimated the restoration times for affected communities in the table below. 

Community Estimate for complete restoration
Johnsons Landing Evening of January 5
North Shore / Scotch Creek / Anglemont Morning of January 5
Sorrento Evening of January 4
New Denver Evening of January 4

Specific estimates for power restoration will be posted as they become available at