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The new CEM Hub: How it helps industrial customers

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The new Conservation and Energy Management Hub reminds you that industrial energy costs don't have to be fixed. By reviewing your energy usage strategically across your entire business, you can make changes.

Powerful tools to help every business plan for the future

In December 2018, the B.C. Government unveiled its Clean BC plan, aimed at drastically reducing greenhouse gases and carbon pollution. "By moving to clean, renewable energy – like our abundant supply of B.C. electricity – we can power our growing economy and make life better and more affordable for British Columbians." said Premier John Horgan.

Right around the same time, BC Hydro brought its Self-Serve Industrial Program (SIP) and Business Energy Savings Incentive (BESI) initiatives together, along with some powerful tools, to create the Conservation and Energy Management (CEM) Hub. "We know our industrial customers are very aware of their electricity costs," says Rob Raymond, Program Manager at BC Hydro. "But many of them aren't aware that they don't have to be fixed costs. They can be carefully controlled. The CEM Hub helps our business customers plan strategically and make the right decisions about how to manage their energy usage for the long term."

How does the CEM Hub help industrial customers?

If you're an industrial customer, the biggest change you'll notice with the CEM Hub is that you'll now be able to view all of your sites in the same place. With SIP, you'd need a log in for each of your sites, but now you can access all site information and SIP or BESI-related projects, along with all kinds of additional information and functionality, including:

  • Energy Information: View the annual consumption and energy costs for your company and/or individual sites.
  • Incentive project log: View details on all completed and ongoing incentive projects for any site (this includes SIP and all other BC Hydro projects such as studies/audits and custom incentives)
  • Incentive project status: View incentive application status for all active projects for any site
  • Future tools: When we add any future features, you'll be the first to know.

So thanks to the CEM Hub, getting a clear understanding of how power is being used across your organization, and then acting on it, is now much easier than before.

Start planning today

Getting started with the CEM Hub is easy. If you're an existing BESI or SIP participant, you'll just need your ID and password. And if you're a new user, just enter your business account number to get help deciding which program suits your business best. Then you can download the CEM Quick Start Guide [PDF, 585 KB] and start exploring the benefits of strategic energy management for your business right away.

Talk to your Key Account Manager to learn more. And if you're an industrial customer using between 0.5 and 4 GWh a year, ask your Regional Energy Manager to help walk you through the whole process and see the long term savings you could make.

Not sure who to contact? Email the Business Helpdesk, or call us at 1 866 522 4713.