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A real-life Down Danger Dial story

Image of Dave and Christian
Christian takes the bus to school each day in Victoria, and one day in late November, his commute took a scary turn when a motor vehicle accident brought a power line down right on top of his stop.

Thanks to watching Dave's tips, Victoria kid stayed calm when he saw a power line fall

Typically, Christian's commute to school every morning is pretty straightforward. He takes public transit each day, and it's generally an uneventful experience.

But one day in late November 2018, his morning was anything but uneventful.

Just before he reached his bus stop, a motor vehicle accident occurred; a car hit a power pole and the live power line ended up coming down right on top of his stop.

You might be inclined to panic if this happened to you – but Christian managed to stay calm and make a couple very important phone calls: first to 9-1-1, and then to his mom.

How'd he know what to do? By watching Dave.

It was a scary situation to be sure – but we're glad to see that the down, danger, dial message is getting out there.

If you ever encounter the same situation as Christian, know what to do. Stay back 10 metres, keep others away, and dial 9-1-1. And then, if you need to – call your mom.