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Not dad's slippers: Stylish & fun options for staying comfy

Image of young girl wearing pink animal slippers
If your feet are warm, you'll be warm. And that means you might be able to turn down the heat a degree or two – saving energy and money.

Warm feet need less heat, and help save on your energy bills

One of the best ideas for keeping your feet warm and your energy bills lower is the slipper, which has a history that goes way back to the birth of the idea in 12th century Vietnam. Before we jump into a look at some of the fabulous and fun slippers of today, a few historical nuggets.

  • Some believe that giving shoes of any kind as a present is bad luck, as the recipient can then walk away from you. With slippers, you should be safe, as they'll only get as far as the door. Unless...
  • ...that person is inspired by Derek "The Slipper Man" Fan, who holds the Guinness World Record for wearing a pair of dress slippers for 23 years straight (until 2007). Clearly, that idea stinks.
  • The picture book "Grandpa's Slippers" is a popular book for kids that has earned a 4.47-out-of-5 rating on and whose plot – the lengths a wife goes to try to hide her husband's old slippers and cardigan – sounds all-too-familiar to millions of wives across the planet.

But we're not here to talk about dad's, or grandad's slippers. We're here to look at the type of slippers that – in this the month of extended Boxing Day savings – can translate into comfort, style and a lowering of the thermostat for energy savings. One tip: If you equip your family with slippers, the timing will be perfect for joining Team Power Smart and starting a 10% Reduction Challenge and a shot at a $50 reward.


UGGs are very much an acquired taste, but for those who love them, the UGG slipper is the way to go. UGG is crazy for slippers, producing dozens of varieties ranging from sub-$100 to $175-plus. For that signature UGG look, check out the women's Aira ($115) or the men's Scuff ($100) in chestnut.

For those who dream of sheep, the Acorn Women's Moc slipper comes in at roughly half the price of the UGGs (and with a dramatically different look). Several online reviews warn that they're best for those with wider feet.

For men, the affordable L.B. Evans Hideaways Roderic slipper remains fashionable, popular, and is equipped with an outdoor sole for that quick trip to the car or concierge.

Not afraid of a little colour? Glerups' open-back unisex felt (wool) slippers come in colours ranging from forest to orange.

Function first

Love your Sorel snow boots? The Canadian company has a variety of excellent slippers, including women's Nakiska Slide and Slide II slippers (if you can find them in your size). Hugely popular for their warmth and comfort. For men, Sorel's offerings include the Falcon Ridge, and notably the camouflage-coloured version.

Just because dad wore moccasin slippers doesn't mean you should dismiss them. And you'll discover that there's enough variety out there to suit almost anyone's taste, from the foundational (Tamarac by Slippers International), to the fashionable (UGG men's ascot), to the furr-ocious (SoftMoc Women's Cute Faux Me Crepe Sole Faux Fur Moccasin).

On a budget

There are a whole lot of slippers out there for less than $40, but there aren't many that deliver on comfort and durability. Memory foam can break down, some just don't fit well, and others are plain ugly. Here are a few that fit the bill for price, and earn generally strong reviews online:

Crazy, beautiful

You might be tempted to lump Haflinger's more daring slippers into the novelty category, except that items like the Cat Slipper (featuring a cat and a ball of yarn) are simply beautiful. This German company's trademark is their "boiled wool" process, and they're unusual in offering a six-month guarantee against material and workmanship defects.

What's your spirit animal? Alligator? Sting Ray? Koala? Happy Feet animal slippers come in a zoo-full of varieties, and they're sized for kids and adults.