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How many incentives is your organization missing out on?

Photo of several types of LED lighting

Check your eligibility with us to avoid missing incentives

We know from talking to our industrial customers that buying equipment and running a facility all adds up to a considerable cost. But we also know that many of our industrial customers remain unaware of all the energy-efficient, cost-saving programs and incentives that BC Hydro offers, and how many they could be eligible for.

Are you missing out?

These programs and incentives are updated from time to time, so if you're planning any kind of upgrade, it's always best to check with us directly to find out if and what you might be eligible for.

Only asking colleagues, peers or vendors if they know anything about BC Hydro's Self-Serve Incentive Program (SIP) might mean you're missing out on some big opportunities. It's always worth checking with us direct. For instance, after believing they were ineligible, one customer recently discovered entirely by accident that they were eligible for incentives through the SIP program. Their project resulted in an estimated incentive covering 70% of the cost of a $20k LED lighting upgrade. Proceeding with the project was a no-brainer.

How we can help

From reducing overall power consumption, to long-term energy management, and even facility expansions or new builds, we can help you to make almost any industrial infrastructure upgrade more affordable and more energy-efficient.

We've delivered incentives to industrial customers from a wide range of industries, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Wood & forestry
  • Pulp & paper
  • Mining, oil & gas
  • Food & beverage processing
  • Municipal processing facilities
  • Transportation
  • Refrigerated storage and warehousing

A great example of this is how BC Hydro incentives helped the United Flower Growers Cooperative achieve incredible savings when they decided to upgrade their 232,000 sq ft warehouse to LED lighting, leading to a 25% reduction in their energy consumption.

So what is your organization eligible for?

Less than a quarter of all industrial facilities eligible for SIP incentives have completed a project, which means there's a high chance that you could be missing out.

So if you're wondering what BC Hydro programs and incentives your organization might be eligible for, just enter your BC Hydro account number into our Online Eligibility Tool, or contact the BC Hydro Business Helpdesk: