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Save up to $14,000 on electric vehicle chargers for your employees

Image of an illuminated EV charger in a parking garage
Most electric vehicle owners say they do most of their charging at home or at the office. By installing electric vehicle chargers for your employees, you can help them go greener and save.

Make charging at work a new perk for your employees

Electric vehicle (EV) sales have soared this year, largely due to initiatives driven by the Provincial Climate Strategy, CleanBC.

The Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEV) Act requires that 10% of all new light-duty vehicle sales must be ZEV by 2025, 30% by 2030 and 100% by 2040.

While a lot of the focus has been on the pricing incentives given to people and businesses buying new ZEVs, the new Home and Workplace EV Charging Program now addresses the other key barrier to ZEV adoption: convenient access to Level 2 chargers.

Funded by the provincial government and administered by BC Hydro and FortisBC, the program provides businesses with incentives towards the planning, purchase and installation of eligible electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment for their employees.

First of all, what is a Level 2 charging station?

All EVs come with a Level 1 charger which uses a standard 120V connection and can be plugged into a regular outlet. For every hour of charging with a Level 1 charger, you'll get approximately 8 km of driving range.

A Level 2 charger uses a higher 240V connection, just like the one you plug your clothes dryer into. For every hour of charging with a Level 2 charger, you'll get approximately 30 km of driving range.

Why is providing EV charging for your employees great for your business?

On the surface, it might seem hard to make the link between providing EV charging for employees and your bottom line. But there are many qualitative reasons why it's a smart idea:

  • Many people could be interested in buying an EV for commuting if they knew they could charge their vehicle at work.
  • Your employees' commutes could be shorter and less stressful as EV drivers can register for a decal allowing them to travel in HOV lanes with nobody else in the vehicle.
  • Providing EV charging for employees shows that your business is a progressive, caring, forward-thinking, green organization.
  • Employee EV charging is a fantastic HR tool, helping with the retention of existing employees and catching the eye of potential hires.

Talk to your team and see what they think. You might be surprised how many people dream of owning an EV, but are held back solely by limited access to charging facilities. You could be the person that makes their dream a reality.

Businesses can claim up to 50% of purchase and installation costs of eligible, new, Level 2 charging equipment, up to a maximum of $14,000 (with no more than $2,000 per station).

These eligible costs include:

  • Purchasing an approved networked charging station
  • Labour and construction costs
  • Site assessments
  • Electrical (and related) permits
  • Parking and electrical design required by the charging stations and conduit
  • EV parking signage

Not sure where to start? We can help

Workplaces can get assistance from a BC Hydro EV Charging Advisor who will provide up to five hours of expert support for free. The EV Charging Advisor will help guide and support you through the steps required to install charging stations at your workplace.

Find out more about how to get started with The Home and Workplace EV Charging Program. Who knows – maybe it'll encourage you to get your own EV!