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Seven spooky spots in B.C., including some familiar haunts

Historical image of the Stave Falls powerhouse

A few paranormal powerhouses round out the list

It's the spookiest time of year once again, and with Halloween just around the corner, we've been thinking about some of the creepiest spots throughout B.C. – and some are a little more familiar than others! If you're looking for a good scare this Halloween, check out these haunted locales.

A poltergeist pup at the powerhouse

Last year, Dave went in search of some of the famous ghosts of the Powerhouse at Stave Falls. Many visitors have reported hearing a dog barking in the powerhouse, which is thought to be the ghost of a pup that belonged to two men who died when their boat capsized while navigating Stave Lake. Tour guides at the Powerhouse have also reported hearing their name called when no one else was in the building, as well as hearing doors slam and footsteps.

A shadowy ship

The SS Valencia was a small passenger ship that sunk in Pachena Bay, off the coast of Vancouver Island, in January 1906. Over 100 people are said to have drowned in the event, with only 37 passengers being rescued. As the ship carrying the rescued passengers was returning to Seattle, they were shocked to encounter the ghost ship of the SS Valencia on the waves. Ever since, seamen sailing past Pachena Bay of reported seeing the ghost of the ship, as well as row boats rowed by skeletons.

A spooky sanatorium

Near the edge of Kamloops is Tranquille Sanatorium – once a tuberculosis hospital, then an institution owned by the provincial government which offered mental health services, and now an abandoned site full of spirits. Many have claimed to hear a mother crying for her child on the 6th and 8th floors, while others reported hearing kids playing in the children's ward.

Image of the Hotel Vancouver

A fancy phantom in a haunted hotel

The Lady in Red is one of Vancouver's most famous ghosts. According to legend, she haunts the historic Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, walking the top floors of the hotel in her beautiful red gown, and occasionally stopping at windows to stare wistfully out at the city. She most commonly has been spotted on the 14th floor, sometimes following guests into rooms.

Spaghetti loving specters

The Old Spaghetti Factory, a restaurant located in downtown Vancouver's historic Gastown neighbourhood, is known for having a number of spooky guests. Common sightings include a uniformed tram conductor who haunts the Number 53 trolley car, a mischievous "little red man" who roams the kitchen whispering to staffers, a young boy who runs through the restaurant and bends cutlery, and a young girl who sits near the front of the dining room holding a balloon.

Image of the Buntzen Powerhouse

An architect's apparition

Visitor's travelling up the Indian Arm may have noticed a beautiful old building along the banks: the Buntzen Powerhouse. It's thought that the architect of the building, Francis Rattenbury, began to haunt the powerhouse after his untimely death in 1935. Take a rowboat past the powerhouse, and you'll sense the eerie vibes of the now abandoned spot.

A presence in a pub

The pub at 17 mile house, near Sooke, B.C., is known for its supernatural history, being one of the oldest buildings in the area. There are many rumours of a ghost who haunts this pub. The first known report of the ghost was from a bartender, who had some creepy moments when stacking chairs at the end of the evening. He found one particular chair continually pushed away from the table, without his having touched it. Many believe the ghost who haunts the pub belongs to the boyfriend of the former owner, Mrs. Mary Jackson, who may have hung himself in the building.