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Ruskin Powerhouse Slope Repair Project

Ruskin Dam

What we're doing

We need to fix two small sinkholes that have formed in the slope behind the powerhouse at Ruskin Dam.

Why we're doing it

We believe increased seepage of rainwater from weather events may have caused the sinkholes to form. While there are no immediate public safety concerns and the facility is not at risk, it's important for us to be proactive and make necessary repairs.


Worksite preparation started in March 2023 and repairs began in April 2023. We anticipate completing repairs by April 2024. Construction will be limited to the site of the sinkholes and is expected to take place Monday to Friday during the daytime. Some weekend work (also during daytime hours) may be required to meet our project timelines. No overnight work is expected at this time.

Traffic and road closures

Traffic impacts on Hayward Street are expected to be minimal. There may be short, occasional traffic delays as equipment is brought into the work site. We'll use traffic control and signage to ensure the safety of the public and our crews.

We don't anticipate any outages to nearby customers related to this work. Ruskin Dam will continue to provide clean power to our system while we make repairs.

Recreational area notices

The Ruskin Picnic Site and parking area is closed while we complete this project. The area is an active construction site and will be needed for equipment, construction materials and crews throughout the repair. Nearby trails remain open and accessible. Hayward Lake and Stave Lake recreation areas remain open.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we make repairs to ensure that Ruskin Dam will continue to be able to generate safe, clean electricity for decades to come.


Phone: 604 623 4472
Toll free: 1 866 647 3334