Partial Cable Replacement, Coquitlam

We’ve launched a new project that will replace a section of an existing underground, oil-insulated power line that was installed in the mid-1970s with a new oil-free power line built in an underground duct bank.

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Remaining geotechnical drilling planned for July 26

We’ve completed seven boreholes so far with the last borehole in front of Como Lake Substation remaining to be completed. By drilling boreholes and testing soils at key areas along the corridor, we can get a better picture of subsurface conditions along the existing underground power line. This will help inform the design of the new, underground duct bank that will contain the new, oil-free transmission cable.

Geotechnical drilling to complete the last borehole in front of Como Lake Substation is planned for July 26. Work will occur between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm.

The health and safety of the public and workers at the site will be given the highest priority. All applicable regulations and codes of practice will be followed to ensure a safe work site. We appreciate your understanding while we undertake this important work and apologize for any inconvenience.

The project is located along an existing right-of-way that runs between Lougheed Highway and Spuraway Avenue in the Ranch Park neighbourhood of Coquitlam.

Partial Cable Replacement Map
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The project is in its early days and preliminary work is just beginning.

Project launch Fall 2020
Engineering and Environmental Studies Spring 2021 to Summer 2023
Design of new underground cable Summer 2023 to Summer 2024
Construction start Summer 2024
Project completion Winter 2024

We’re planning to remove 1.3 kilometres of an existing underground oil-filled cable between Spuraway Avenue / Pinnacle Street and the Como Lake Substation at Como Lake Avenue/Lougheed Highway in Coquitlam

The existing cable section will be replaced with a new oil-free insulated cable running through an underground concrete duct bank.

This section of underground, oil-filled cable that we’re replacing is old and leaks have occurred at the cable’s joints due to high pressure from the elevation change between the top of the slope at Spuraway Avenue/Pinnacle Street and Como Lake Substation (at Como Lake Avenue/Lougheed Highway) – an elevation change of 170 metres.

We’ve successfully located and cleaned up past leaks; however, due to the age and accumulated fatigue at this location, we anticipate that more leaks will occur, requiring more costly repairs.

Replacing this section of cable with a new, oil-free insulated cable in a concrete duct bank will extend the life of the cable and ensure it can run efficiently for many more years.

We’re in the early stages of this project and our studies and design will inform the project budget and construction schedule.  We anticipate a construction level budget will be completed by early 2023.

An Environmental Overview Assessment is underway to identify environmental features overlapping or directly adjacent to the cable alignment.  This information will inform the design of the project and the required mitigation and monitoring plan for construction.

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