Mainwaring Substation Upgrade

What's new

We've finished a review of the project scope and have confirmed the changes that we'll be making to Mainwaring substation.

Mainwaring Substation provides reliable electricity supply to over 60,000 homes and businesses in East Vancouver, and it needs some upgrades to replace aging equipment. This project includes:

  • Replacing two transformers where they're currently located (as previously communicated).
  • Replacing an aging feeder section – the lattice structure within the substation.

We're no longer planning to move the telecom tower located in the southeast corner of the substation.

We're currently assessing alternatives for replacing the feeder section between two alternatives:

Alternative 1

  • Alternative 1 is to upgrade the end-of-life feeder section to a modern indoor version.
  • This involves constructing a building on the southwest corner of the substation to house the feeder equipment. The building would have space to expand in the future for the other feeder section that will remain in service.

Alternative 2

Alternative 2 is to retain the existing feeder section location and refurbish the equipment.

Right now, we're more likely to move forward with Alternative 1 that modernizes the substation because the existing equipment location poses construction safety risks and ongoing operational safety challenges for our staff.

If we replace with identical equipment, we would still need to eventually modernize and upgrade the equipment at some point in the future.

We expect the construction to start in late 2021/early 2022 with site preparation work first. The main construction work is expcted to begin in summer 2022. The expected in-service date is spring 2025.

This upgrade project is subject to regulatory oversight from BC Utilities Commission (BCUC).

Mainwaring Substation is a distribution substation built in the 1950s. It takes electricity at a higher voltage (230 kilovolts) and converts to 12 kilovolts to supply power to homes and businesses in the neighbourhood.

Over 60,000 customers are being served by Mainwaring substation. The current area Mainwaring substation serves is west to Cambie Street, east to Boundary Road, and north to 12th Avenue.

The Mainwaring Substation is located at 6450 Inverness Street at the intersection of Inverness Street and 47th Avenue. The closest major intersection is Knight Street and 49th Avenue.

This upgrade will provide increased reliability to the electrical system and replace aging equipment that's nearing end-of-life. This upgrade will also prepare for future growth in the area by modifying the substation layout to better prepare for future upgrades.

Reports & documents

Mainwaring Substation project update letter – July 2019 [PDF, 112 KB]

Mainwaring Substation upgrade factsheet – August 2019 [PDF, 313 KB]

Change notification [PDF, 63 KB]

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