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In late February 2020 we'll be removing trees from the south side of the Capilano Substation. This will allow us to relocate existing equipment and powerlines in and around the substation prior to substation construction next year. We're working with the District of North Vancouver to meet a 4:1 replanting ratio for any trees removed.

To ensure we continue to provide reliable electricity in North Vancouver, we're upgrading the Capilano Substation by replacing it with a new substation on the western half of the existing substation site.

The new substation will include:

  • Two transformers.
  • A building for indoor electrical equipment and a control room.
  • Other associated outdoor electrical equipment in the substation yard.

The east side of the substation will continue serving your neighbourhood during construction.

Rendering of the new Capilano Substation upgrade
Capilano Substation construction plan

The current Capilano Substation was built in the 1950s and the equipment is aging and needs to be replaced. Substations take electricity from higher voltages and bring it down to a lower voltage in order to supply energy to homes and businesses in your neighbourhood.

We serve approximately 12,000 customers from the Capilano Substation in the area that extends north to the base of Grouse Mountain, south to 1st Street, west to Capilano Road, and east to Lonsdale Avenue.

We're starting site preparation in winter 2020 and substation construction in spring 2021.