Campbell River Water Use Planning

Water Use Plan [PDF, 3.2 MB] accepted by the Comptroller of Water Rights and implemented in November 2012.

Executive summary [PDF, 124 KB] of Consultative Committee Report provides an overview of the water use planning process and outcomes.

Consultative Committee Report and draft Water Use Plan submitted to the Comptroller of Water Rights in March 2004.

Project initiated September 1999 and completed March 2003.

Annual Reports

Projects Studies Terms of Reference
JHTMON-1 Upper and Lower Campbell Lake Reservoir Digital Elevation Model  
JHTMON-2 Upper Campbell, Lower Campbell and John Hart Reservoirs and Elk Canyon Public Use and Perception Survey
JHTMON-3 Upper and Lower Campbell Lake Fish Spawning Success Assessment
JHTMON-4 Upper and Lower Campbell Lake Reservoirs Littoral Productivity Assessment
JHTMON-5 Upper Campbell, Lower Campbell, John Hart Reservoirs and Diversion Lakes Littoral versus Pelagic Fish Production Assessment
JHTMON-6 Campbell Watershed Riverine Fish Production Assessment

JHTMON-6 Component 1 Flow Habitat Relationships in Diversion Streams

JHTMON-6 Component 2 Fish Passage Study

JHTMON-8 Quinsam and Salmon River Smolt and Spawner Abundance Assessments


JHTMON-9 Upper and Lower Campbell Lake Reservoir Amphibian Assessment


JHTMON-10 Upper and Lower Campbell Lake Reservoirs Shoreline Vegetation Model Validation
JHTMON-11 Upper Campbell Lake Reservoir Erosion Assessment  
JHTMON-15 Elk Canyon Smolt and Spawner Abundance Assessment
JHTWORKS-2 Upper Campbell Lake Reservoir and Campbell Lake Reservoir Recreation Facility Upgrade Feasibility  
JHTWORKS-3 Upper Campbell Reservoir Drawdown Zone Revegetation Program
JHTWORKS-4 Sayward Canoe Route (Signage)  
JHTWORKS-6 Salmon River Diversion Juvenile Fish Screen Upgrade