November 14, 2016

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November 14, 2016

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At a dinner with housing experts, engineers and a representative from Tesla, a Tesla owner learns how easy it is to track your electricity use on, and how phantom power can raise your bills. An award-winning film that focuses on BC Hydro's Northwest Transmission Line continues to earn praise for challenging stereotypes about issues around its construction. And after a rain-filled October, this month is "off like a rocket" for rainfall on Vancouver Island.

Grow-ops use up to 100 times more power than normal homes

'Anyone can monitor their electricity use'

A Tesla owner charged up by a dinner time conservation logs in to to discover how easy it is to track electricity use online.

Read the story at

Clean power key to B.C.'s first LNG plant

Koneline documentary challenges stereotypes

An award-winning documentary shows various perspectives on the building of the Northwest Transmission Line. Read more at

If you like waterfalls, check out Elk Falls

This is not your typical rainy season

Recent large and continuous storms are for the record books, writes BC Hydro's Stephen Watson. Read more at

Our crews were busy repairing extensive damage caused by #BCStorm

Photo of the week

A few years ago, we got the chance to work with Kris to raise awareness about electrical safety. His powerful story is an important reminder about the importance of keeping safety top of mind every day. Kris passed away September 28, 2016. Visit our YouTube channel to watch his story.

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