May 15, 2017

This Week at BC Hydro
Tree trimming & power lines
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May 15, 2017

We've kicked off our spring safety campaign with videos that explain how to safely do yard work and trim trees, by ensuring that all work is done at least three metres away from power lines. Also this week, we look at what the deep snow pack could mean to water levels in our Columbia River system, and we learn about the Pacheedaht First Nations' proposal for eco-tourism at Jordan River, downstream from BC Hydro's Jordan River Dam, on Vancouver Island.

Earth Hour is a symbolic event

Before you do yard work, look for power lines

Most British Columbians can't identify the minimum safe distance they should maintain between equipment they're using and the power lines near their property. We're out to change that.


Doig River reaches agreements on Site C

We're preparing for high water in Columbia Basin

Rapid snowmelt and heavy rainfalls could require above normal reservoir levels through the summer and fall in the Columbia Basin. Read more at

Halfway River reaches agreements on Site C

Surf shops, canoe rentals part of Jordan River plans

The Pacheedaht First Nation is in talks with BC Hydro around plans for co-tourism activities at Jordan River on Vancouver Island. Read more at

Have you noticed our logos change throughout the years?

Photo of the week

Have you noticed our logos change throughout the years? This 1800-pound rotating version could be spotted on the Prince George skyline back in 1961.

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