January 23, 2017

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Substations going underground?
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January 23, 2017

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As we look to replace two aging substations in downtown Vancouver, where land is expensive and scarce, we're considering going underground with a novel idea we're calling seed. BC Hydro crews were called in to make the area safe after a small plane crashed into power lines north of Duncan. And the latest job statistics report from the Site C clean energy project shows 82% of workers are from B.C.

BC Hydro floats underground substations idea

BC Hydro floats underground substations idea

BC Hydro is considering going underground to replace two of three aging substations in downtown Vancouver.

Read the story at vancouversun.com

Plane crashes into power lines

BC Hydro among Canada's top employers for the young

Plane crashes into power lines

Two people were rushed to hospital, one in critical condition, after a small Cessna struck power lines in a crash just north of Duncan airport. Read more at ctvnews.ca

Supplies in place to limit erosion at Site C

Majority of Site C workers from B.C.

The latest job numbers from the Site C clean energy project show that 82% of those working on the project are from B.C. Read more at energeticcity.ca

Our crews were busy repairing extensive damage caused by #BCStorm

Photo of the week

The big freeze is gone (for now) in the Lower Mainland. Wet weather has cleared up much of what was left of snow, making it easier for dogs and their owners to enjoy this off leash area under our right of way in Coquitlam's Mundy Park.

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