Our mission & vision


Our mission and vision: smart about power in all we do

BC Hydro is one of the largest energy suppliers in Canada. We generate and deliver electricity to 95% of the population of B.C. and serve over four million people. That's a big responsibility that demands a simple, clear and straightforward mission and vision:

Our mission is to safely provide reliable, affordable, clean electricity throughout B.C.

Our vision is to be the most trusted, innovative utility company in North America by being smart about power in all we do.

Environmental, social and economic responsibility are priorities

Our environmental bottom line looks at how we manage impacts from our operations, weigh environmental values with economic ones and plan for a future with more green energy in our system.

Please see our Environmental Responsibility Policy for details.

Our social bottom line includes how we ensure the safety and well-being of people – our employees, customers and the general public – and the health of the communities in which we live and work.

Social responsibility is dependent upon developing and fostering healthy relationships with employees, customers, Aboriginal communities and stakeholders. We will act in accordance with our values and in a manner worthy of their respect.

Our economic bottom line means making it possible to stay in business forever, by being an efficient, productive and profitable company, and by providing value to our customers and the province.