Kinbasket and Arrow Recreation Management Plan

This Plan is aimed at improving recreational opportunities through boat ramp improvement projects and debris management in Kinbasket Reservoir, Arrow Lakes Reservoir and the lower Columbia River.

Annual Reports

Projects Studies Terms of Reference
CLBMON-14 Kinbasket and Arrow Lakes Reservoir Boat Ramp Use Study


CLBWORKS-5A Kinbasket: Valemount Marina Ramp Extension




CLBWORKS-5B Valemount Boat Launch Maintenance




CLBWORKS-7B Bush Harbour Boat Launch Maintenance




CLBWORKS-11B Burton South Boat Launch Maintenance




CLBWORKS-13B Fauquier Boat Launch Maintenance




CLBWORKS-14B McDonald Creek Park Boat Launch Maintenance


CLBWORKS-18 Feasibility of Boat Ramps
CLBWORKS-19 Lower Columbia River Dredging at Indian Eddy Engineering Assessment and Environmental Review
CLBWORKS-20 Lower Columbia Indian Eddy Dredging
CLBWORKS-21 Lower Columbia Debris Removal at Indian Eddy Environmental Review
CLBWORKS-23 Kinbasket and Arrow Lakes Reservoirs Debris Removal Environmental Review



CLBWORKS-33B Syringa Boat Launch Maintenance


CLBWORKS-35 Mid Columbia River Bank Erosion Protection and Monitoring Program
CLBWORKS-36 Mid Columbia River Long Term and Monitoring Program


CLBWORKS-43 Feasibility Study for Boat Launch Ramps at Nakusp on the Arrow Lakes Reservoir




CLBWORKS-45 Anderson (Renata) Boat Launch Maintenance




CLBWORKS-50B Shelter Bay Boat Launch Maintenance


CLBWORKS-51 Martha Creek Boat Launch Maintenance  
CLBWORKS-52 Downie Creek Boat Launch Maintenance