Alouette Water Use Plan

  • Water Use Plan [PDF, 821 KB] accepted by the Comptroller of Water Rights and implemented in April 2009.
  • Executive summary [PDF, 12 KB] of Consultative Committee Report [PDF, 5.3 MB] provides an overview of the water use planning process and outcomes.
  • Project completed September 1996 before the provincial water use planning guidelines were drafted.

Water Use Plan Order Review

WUPOR paused due to COVID-19

WUPOR Status Update (April 2020) – The draft Monitoring Program Synthesis Report comment period has closed and all comments and feedback are being reviewed with follow-ups in progress. When complete, an updated final Report will be posted here (date to be determined). After the Monitoring Program Synthesis Report is final, we will complete a draft WUPOR Report that will also be posted here for review (date to be determined). Review the Alouette River Order Review Fact Sheet [PDF, 245 KB] for linkages to the Stave Falls/Ruskin Water Use Plan Order Review.

Annual Reports

Projects Studies Terms of Reference
ALUMON-1 Smolt Enumeration
ALUMON-2 Kokanee Out-migration
ALUMON-3 Substrate Quality
ALUMON-4 Sockeye Adult Enumeration
ALUMON-5 Water Temperature
ALUMON-6 Kokanee Age Structure Analysis
ALUMON-7 Archaeological Monitoring