Stakeholder Engagement

Principles of engagement

As the demand for energy grows, BC Hydro will face many challenges and choices in delivering the province's electricity supply in the future. One of our long-term goals is to develop and foster a culture of conservation in British Columbia that will motivate our customers to make a dramatic, and permanent reduction in electricity consumption.

BC Hydro believes that respectful stakeholder engagement promotes learning and innovation through fair, transparent, inclusive, and responsive processes.

Learning from First Nations, stakeholders and communities means respecting and acknowledging the contribution they can make to BC Hydro's intellectual capital, and to the development of socially equitable, environmentally sustainable, and economically viable decisions and solutions that support to BC Hydro's purpose and values.

Since its formation in 2007, the Rates Working Group has provided critical feedback to help BC Hydro understand how rates – when used as a conservation tool – can impact customer interests.

Stakeholders currently represented on the Rates Working Group represent academia, First Nations, environmental NGOs, BC Hydro customers, business and industry.

BC Hydro recognizes that First Nations occupy unique legal, historical and social circumstances, and that the company's relationship with First Nations is distinct from other stakeholder groups. In recognition of the unique rights of First Nations under Section 35 of the Constitution Act, BC Hydro works with First Nations as directed by the company's Aboriginal Relations and Negotiations Department.