Electricity Conservation

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Conservation is a cornerstone to meeting Clean Energy Act objective

BC Hydro continues to embrace a conservation plan that's forecast to exceed the Clean Energy Act objective to meet at least two-thirds of future demand growth through conservation by 2020.

This includes energy management programs and conservation rate structures, supporting new energy efficiency codes and standards, and maintaining an energy conservation and efficiency culture. Key to that plan is:

  • Meeting the 93% clean energy objective in the Clean Energy Act by building Site C, implementing electricity purchase agreements for new wind, solar and run-of-river projects, and exploring the development of zero-emission capacity resources.
  • Meeting regulatory requirements related to greenhouse gas emissions reporting and verification for our electricity generation, transmission and distribution operations.
  • Contributing to meeting B.C.'s goal of carbon neutrality in the public sector by purchasing offsets to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions from our buildings, vehicles and paper use.
  • Facilitating the electrification of transportation in B.C. through:
    • Supporting electric vehicle owners through customer service offerings
    • Leadership support to Plug In BC, an initiative empowered to lay the groundwork for plug-in electric vehicles and related electric charging infrastructure in B.C.
    • Approval from the British Columbia Utilities Commission for a new shore power rate for ocean vessels to access grid power while in port
  • Managing the impact on the environment from BC Hydro's new developments and retrofits of existing facilities by applying an "avoid, minimize and offset" approach to project design, planning and implementation consistent with our Environmental Responsibility Policy.