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Our mandate

Clean Power 2040

Our mandate

Clean electricity today – and for the future

It's our job to provide low-cost, reliable electricity. We plan our system in accordance with good utility practice and consider provincial policy objectives, such as:

  • Keeping costs down for customers
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through clean electricity
  • Limiting land and water impacts
  • Supporting reconciliation with Indigenous Nations
  • Supporting the growth of B.C.’s economy

Throughout the Clean Power 2040 process, we considered important and sometimes competing objectives. We also considered government policy such as the CleanBC plan, and policy outcomes of the comprehensive review of BC Hydro

Legislation that guided our 2021 Integrated Resource Plan includes B.C.'s Utilities Commission Act and the Clean Energy Act. As a crown corporation, we must file our plan with the B.C. Utilities Commission for review and acceptance. We filed our 2021 Integrated Resource Plan on December 21, 2021, and an update was filed on June 15, 2023.