Public Involvement

The 2008 LTAP engagement process provided for involvement in the following ways:

  • Resource Options Update: Scoping sessions for the Resource Options Update were held on July 19 and July 30. One-on-one discussions and group meetings were conducted for specific resource streams (from August to November). The results of the update were provided by resource type at a session held on December 4, 2007. For more information, please see the Resource Options Update page.
  • Intervenor Workshops: Intervenor engagement activities began with a preliminary session held on November 14 to provide an overview of the 2008 LTAP process and components, and to discuss the scope of the Intervenor Workshops. On March 5, the first workshop was held to review inputs to the LTAP analysis. On April 25, the second workshop was held to review the remaining inputs, and to discuss the risk framework and how it would be applied in the portfolio analysis. On June 3, the final workshop was held to review the draft LTAP application. For more information, please see the Intervenor Workshops page.
  • Public Communication: The Energy Planning email address provided an opportunity for general inquiries and feedback.