Technical Resource Option Workshops

For those with a special interest in the technical aspects of the resource options being considered as part of the 2006 Integrated Electricity Plan (IEP), BC Hydro held a series of  Technical Resource Option Workshops. Intervenors from the 2004 Revenue Requirements process were invited, along with independent power producers and interested parties.

The objectives of the Technical Resource Options Workshop were:

  • to ensure that the assumptions, characterization and evaluation of all the potential resource options were broad, current, and representative of the options available in the province, within the planning guidelines, and
  • to ensure that the process elicited the social and environmental attributes of resources and provided realistic ranges on volume, cost, capacity factors and dependable capacity factors for different types of resources, to support the filing of the Resource Options Report in June 2005.

Input from the Technical Resource Options Workshops was provided to the Provincial Integrated Electricity Plan Committee (PIEPC) for their consideration when designing possible resource portfolios. Reading materials, presentations and meeting notes from Technical Resource Options Workshops are available for review on this website.

Wind workshops

BC Hydro and wind developers also co-hosted a Wind Workshop, January 25 and 26, 2005.

Resource Options Report

The draft 2005 Resource Options Report was made available for public review and comment between May 5, 2005 to May 31, 2005 and the final Resource Options Report was submitted to the B.C. Utilities Commission on June 13, 2005.

Intervenor meetings

As a result of the Resource Options Report procedural conference, BC Hydro committed to engaging identified intervenors in the Long-Term Acquisition Plan (LTAP) component of the 2006 IEP. Three intervenor meetings were scheduled to review the IEP process and portfolios and to seek and incorporate intervenor input into the LTAP.