Regional Engagement

BC Hydro’s goals for the 2006 IEP regional stakeholder engagement process were to:

  • Learn about and understand regional values about future energy planning and obtain feedback and degree of support for different future electricity resource options (e.g., wind, thermal, hydro, Power Smart, etc).
  • Understand regional stakeholders’ values around electricity planning. Input received during the first round of regional engagement was presented to the PIEPC for consideration during their examination of interests, preferences and values around electricity options and energy planning.
  • Keep stakeholders informed throughout the 2006 IEP process, and elicit their feedback on the process to help shape and inform future engagement activities.

Fall 2005 regional engagement

Between October 24 and November 8, 2005, BC Hydro held a series of eight regional meetings around B.C. to:

  • Fulfill its commitment to return to regions to speak to participants from the first round of regional engagement
  • Outline IEP results to date and linkage to regional input, and obtain feedback on the emerging portfolio strategies
  • Outline next steps in the IEP process
  • Seek input on future engagement.

Each half-day regional meeting was followed by a public information session later the same day.

Participants in the 2006 IEP First Nations and Stakeholder Engagement process were eligible for funding to cover IEP-related expenses. For more information, see the IEP Participant Funding Guide [PDF, 123 KB], the IEP Participant Funding Application Form [PDF, 96 KB] and the IEP Participant Expense Claim Form [PDF, 93 KB], email us.

Spring 2005 regional engagement

In February and March 2005, BC Hydro held one-day IEP regional workshops in 15 communities around the province. These workshops took place the day after the public IEP information sessions, and explored and analyzed issues related to the IEP and electricity planning in greater depth. Interested stakeholders were invited to participate in these workshops and provide feedback on electricity resource options and how these options are characterized by electricity reliability, costs and social and environmental impacts.

Stakeholder input from regional workshops was forwarded to the Provincial IEP Committee (PIEPC) for consideration. Regional Workshop participants were also welcome to attend PIEPC meetings as observers. Feedback and information collected during the regional workshops are documented in the 2006 IEP and related process reports.

Reading materials, presentations and meeting notes from all regional workshops are posted on this website.