2006 IEP: Public Involvement

Public involvement was a vital part of the Integrated Electricity Plan (IEP) development process.

The 2006 IEP First Nations and Stakeholder process provided for involvement in a number of ways:

Recommendations and feedback elicited through these activities were used to inform and guide the development of the 2006 IEP.

First Nations and Stakeholder Engagement Plan

BC Hydro has developed a First Nations and stakeholder engagement plan [PDF, 163 KB] that outlines how interested parties could become involved and provide input. Feedback and suggestions obtained through the past 2004 IEP process were incorporated to create a more meaningful, two-way dialogue.

The 2006 IEP First Nations and stakeholder engagement process [PDF, 16 KB] sought to:

  • Represent a broad range of interests
  • Be transparent, presenting a clear understanding of the results
  • Strive for meaningful discussion and dialogue
  • Emphasize two-way communication and mutual respect

Through this 2006 IEP First Nations and stakeholder engagement process, BC Hydro aimed to:

  • Engage interested parties to fully understand their values and preferences around specific resource options, and portfolios or resource mixes.
  • Gain insight into First Nations and stakeholders' values around electricity choices.
  • Develop public awareness about issues related to energy planning.
  • Foster relationships for future long-term planning processes.
  • Test an engagement process and learn how improvements can be made for future IEPs.

BC Hydro is committed to keeping First Nations, stakeholders and the public informed throughout the 2006 IEP process. Interested parties are being updated in a variety of ways, including information posted on this website and a project update [PDF, 275 KB] distributed in Fall 2005.

Public opinion results

Public opinion survey results [PDF, 185 KB] (June 2005) on emerging issues:

  • Duke Point decision
  • Resource options for meeting additional electricity demand
  • Site C dam
  • Electricity exports to California