Provincial Committee

As part of the 2006 Integrated Electricity Plan (IEP) process, a Provincial Integrated Electricity Plan Committee (PIEPC) was formed to undertake a detailed and thorough examination of a range of interests, preferences and values around electricity options and energy planning.

PIEPC members [PDF, 89 KB] included representatives from First Nations, intervenors in BC Hydro regulatory proceedings, at large stakeholders and BC Hydro. An external selection committee, chaired by BC Hydro, was formed to confirm the PIEPC membership, based on the selection criteria specified as well as regional representation.

The PIEPC worked at a more detailed technical level than other groups. PIEPC meetings were held during the 2006 IEP project period to allow time to analyze computer models of various resource portfolios. Committee members received feedback about resource options and values from the other First Nations and stakeholder engagement activities, which they considered in their decisions about possible resource portfolios and the final preferred portfolio. See the 2005 Final PIEPC Terms of Reference [PDF, 123 KB] for more information.

The objective of the PIEPC was to understand BC Hydro’s future electricity needs, identify values around electricity planning, consider the implications of tradeoffs between different values and work towards identifying a preferred long-term portfolio of electricity resources.

If the committee is unable to reach consensus on a preferred portfolio, BC Hydro reserves the right to decide on a preferred portfolio in order to meet the B.C. Utilities Commission’s regulatory requirements. Should this occur, input from all First Nations and stakeholder engagement activities will be documented and presented to the BCUC, along with BC Hydro's recommendations on a preferred portfolio.

Reading materials, presentations and meeting notes from all PIEPC meetings are posted on this website as soon as they are available.

Participants in the 2006 IEP First Nations and Stakeholder Engagement process were eligible for funding to cover IEP-related expenses. For more information, see the IEP Participant Funding Guide [PDF, 123 KB], the IEP Participant Funding Application Form [PDF, 96 KB] and the IEP Participant Expense Claim Form [PDF, 93 KB], email us.