First Nations

BC Hydro was committed to engaging First Nations in the 2006 Integrated Electricity Plan (IEP), to elicit their values and input on integrated electricity planning and specific resource options. Based on feedback provided by First Nations during the 2004 IEP process, BC Hydro developed a 2006 IEP First Nations engagement process with three key objectives:

  • To inform First Nations about BC Hydro's integrated electricity planning process.
  • To learn about regional First Nations' general values and obtain information about their valuation of specific resource options (e.g., new sources of electricity). BC Hydro also wants to understand First Nations interests related to long-term transmission planning. Input received through this process will be included in the BC Hydro and BC Transmission Corporation (BCTC) regulatory filings submitted to the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC).
  • To seek further input and feedback from First Nations about how they would like to be engaged in future IEP processes.

Fall 2005 First Nations engagement

Between October 13 and November 3, 2005, BC Hydro held a series of First Nations meetings in communities around B.C. to report back to First Nations on the status of the 2006 IEP and to solicit input about how to best work with First Nations on an ongoing basis. A First Nations PIEPC member was in attendance to share information about the work done by that committee.

Meeting participants were eligible for funding to cover IEP-related expenses. For more information, see the IEP Participant Funding Guide [PDF, 123 KB], the IEP Participant Funding Application Form [PDF, 96 KB] and the IEP Participant Expense Claim Form [PDF, 93 KB], email us.

First Nations members were also welcome to participate in regional meetings and public information sessions.

Winter 2004/Spring 2005 First Nations engagement

Between December 2004 and April 2005, BC Hydro:

  • Met with representatives of the five recognized provincial Aboriginal bodies to obtain their input and lay out the engagement process.
  • Held a series of First Nations information sessions and workshops to introduce the 2006 IEP, provide information about BC Hydro's utility planning process and elicit First Nations values around resource options. The workshops also provided updates about progress being made in the other stakeholder engagement activities, particularly in the Provincial IEP Committee (PIEPC), and enabled participants to provide input back to the PIEPC for consideration.

Reading materials, presentations and meeting notes from all information sessions and workshops are posted on this website.

Provincial Integrated Electricity Plan Committee (PIEPC) participation

Three First Nations members participated on the PIEPC. Invitations were extended by BC Hydro's Aboriginal Relations Department based on candidates' knowledge, understanding of their region and relationships and their ability to commit to the process (i.e., they had the necessary time to participate fully).

During the first half of 2005, First Nations PIEPC members held regularly scheduled electricity planning advisory group meetings with BC Hydro, to discuss unique interests and policy considerations, and to lay the groundwork for future activities with BC Hydro.

Feedback from the First Nations engagement process was passed on to the PIEPC for use in considering resource portfolios and was incorporated into the final 2006 Integrated Electricity Plan.