Frequently asked questions

Transmission towers over the mountains

Why do we need an Integrated Resource Plan?

The Integrated Resource Plan is our long-term strategic plan to meet B.C.'s future electricity needs. It ensures that adequate conservation and supply-side actions are taken to meet these needs while addressing provincial energy objectives.

What impact does the Integrated Resource Plan have on future projects?

The plan doesn't, by itself, commit us to any of the specific projects identified in the report. Specific projects such as transmission lines or generation projects, will have their own consultation, regulatory and approval processes in order to move forward.

Who is the Integrated Resource Plan submitted to?

The plan is submitted to the B.C. Utilities Commission, who will review the plan as part of a public process – and may accept or reject the plan, or may ask BC Hydro to amend certain parts of it. The timing of a final decision is at the discretion of the B.C. Utilities Commission.