Frequently asked questions


Why do we need an Integrated Resource Plan?

The Integrated Resource Plan is our long-term strategic plan to meet B.C.'s future electricity needs. It ensures that adequate conservation and supply-side actions are taken to meet these needs. The plan is approved by the Government of B.C., and addresses provincial energy objectives such as achieving self-sufficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and supporting economic development and job creation.

What recommendations are in the Integrated Resource Plan?

The plan contains recommended actions related to:

  • The amount of savings from conservation actions to target going forward
  • Optimizing our energy portfolio to manage costs
  • Addressing the long-term need for energy and capacity, and
  • Planning to meet the future needs of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry.

What impact does the Integrated Resource Plan have on future projects?

The plan doesn't, by itself, commit us to any of the specific projects identified in the report. Specific projects, such as conservation programs, transmission lines or generation projects, will have their own consultation, regulatory and approval processes in order to move forward.

Who is the Integrated Resource Plan submitted to?

The plan is submitted to the Government of B.C., who may accept or reject the plan, or may ask us to amend certain parts of it. The timing of a final decision is at the Government of B.C.'s discretion.