Integrated Resource Plan

Revelstoke Dam

The next plan is due in February 2021

The Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) is our 20-year plan to meet B.C.'s future electricity needs through conservation, new supply, and upgrades to existing infrastructure. As new resources require lead time to develop, we plan ahead so that they're ready when we need them.

Our next plan will be submitted to the BC Utilities Commission in February 2021. We’ll be developing the IRP in 2020 so it can be informed by the second phase of the government’s Comprehensive Review of BC Hydro, which is expected to provide recommendations in early 2020.

We know we’ll hold some things steady such as planning to keep rates affordable, while providing reliable service. We’re also expecting a number of changes. Below is a look at some of what’s to come. 

Meeting climate action with clean, reliable generation

In December 2018, the government announced CleanBC, a plan to meet greenhouse gas reduction targets through electrification by switching from fuels such as gas to electricity in areas that affect our daily life – from transportation (electric vehicles) to improvements for existing buildings (home heating), as well as industry reduction of emissions.

BC Hydro is different from many utilities in North America. While other utilities’ electricity source is primarily natural gas and in some cases coal, we generate about 98% of our electricity from clean and renewable sources with our predominately hydroelectric generation system.

As we already have a strong platform of clean electricity for many years to come, the next IRP will look at how we’ll prepare to meet additional loads in the future with clean, reliable electricity, and support the province in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Evolving with new technology and trends

The world of technology is evolving at a remarkable rate – including how electricity is generated, used and managed. The rate of technology change among electricity generation supply options  has been remarkable in recent years. Trends suggest some of these new technologies – for example new kinds of battery storage or solar technologies – are already causing major shifts in the electricity industry. How electricity is used and managed is also changing as new information and technology help customers advance in these areas.

The next IRP will consider how we’re modernizing our electricity grid, as well as how we can respond to new technologies and trends at the right time to continue to provide the benefits of our reliable, low-cost, and clean integrated electricity system.

Engaging as we build the plan

We’ll be seeking input from you as we develop the IRP. Look for opportunities to get involved starting in early 2020.

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