2015 Resource Options Update

flowing river

In 2015, we updated cost and technical information for the following generation options: wood-based biomass, municipal solid waste, onshore wind, run-of-river, natural gas-fired generation, geothermal, wave, tidal and solar. For the rest of the generation options we updated costs to account for inflation.

Updating our inventory through industry engagement and utility collaboration

Our technical staff collected and reviewed new data – with input and feedback from industry experts, consultants, and others with technical expertise – to ensure the information was accurate and up to date. Learn more about the resource characterization engagement process that took place in 2014 and 2015 by viewing the Technical Engagement Summary Report, or the specific meeting notes and presentations.

For this process, we collaborated with FortisBC on this shared inventory dataset. A shared dataset supports our respective planning processes, and creates efficiencies as well as consistency during review processes.

Results of the inventory update

An overview of the 2015 update is available in the Results Summary. The costs presented ($2,015) were estimated at the point of interconnection.

For the first (lowest cost) ~5,000 GWh of resources, we also calculated the adjusted unit energy cost to show the cost of delivering this energy to the Lower Mainland. This ~5,000 GWh of resources was determined to be onshore wind, of which the weighted average Unit Energy Cost at the Point of Interconnection is about $80/MWh. The adjustments required to arrive at the cost of this energy delivered to the Lower Mainland ($100/MWh) are provided in this document [PDF, 19 KB].

View the results summary document below, as well as the documents related to the engagement process.

Resource Option Characterization
Results Summary
Fall 2016
Technical Engagement Summary
Fall 2015
Scoping of Technical Issues Meetings May to July 2014
Geothermal Meeting #1 July 17, 2015
Technical Supplement
October 2016
Geoscience BC Report: An Assessment of the Economic Viability of Selected Geothermal Resources in British Columbia (Revised) March 31, 2016
Natural Gas-Fired Generation Consultant Report: 2015 Thermal Generation Options Assessment June 13, 2015
Run-of-River Meeting #1 March 2, 2015
Meeting #2 July 6, 2015
Consultant Report: Run-of-River Hydroelectric Potential
for British Columbia – Summary of 2015 Updates
July 10, 2015
Small Storage Hydro New in 2018 – Consultant Report: Small Storage Hydroelectric Resource Options Study Report July 12, 2018
Solar  Meeting #1 March 25, 2015
Meeting #2 June 29, 2015
Consultant Report: British Columbia Solar Market Update 2015 June 24, 2015
Wind  Meeting #1 September 12, 2014
Meeting #2 December 15, 2014
Meeting #3 May 5, 2015
Meeting #4 June 3, 2015
Consultant Report: Wind Project Cost Review May 19, 2015
Updated in 2018 – Consultant Report: Wind Project Cost Review August 22, 2018
Wood-Based Biomass Meeting #1 March 31, 2015
Meeting #2 July 2, 2015
Consultant Report: Bioenergy Projects Technology Review July 22, 2015
Consultant Report: Wood Based Biomass in British Columbia and its Potential for New Electricity Generation July 2015
Updated in 2018 – Consultant Report: Wood Based Biomass in British Columbia and its Potential for New Electricity Generation March 2018
Resource Integration
Wind Integration Technical Review Committee Meeting April 1, 2015