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Clean Power 2040

Technical Consultation

Technical Advisory Committee

Technical feedback throughout Clean Power 2040

The Technical Advisory Committee members are knowledgeable professionals with significant stakes, interests and experience in BC Hydro's resource-planning process. They will review technical planning inputs plus assumptions and analyses, and provide feedback to us throughout the process of developing our plan.

Our Terms of Reference outlines the purpose, roles and responsibilities of the Committee's members, with process-management aspects of the Committee's work.

Latest Technical Advisory Committee information

Description Date Document

Terms of reference

July 30, 2020

Terms of reference [PDF, 102 KB]

Meeting #1

March 9, 2020

Meeting presentation [PDF, 1.7 MB]
Meeting summary notes [PDF, 139 KB]

Meeting #2a/b

June 16/22, 2020

Meeting presentation [PDF, 1.3 MB]
Meeting summary notes – June 16 [PDF, 113 KB]
Meeting summary notes – June 22 [PDF, 163 KB]

Meeting #3a/b

June 18/24, 2020

Meeting presentation [PDF, 1.0 MB]
Meeting summary notes – June 18 [PDF, 130 KB]
Meeting summary notes – June 24 [PDF, 108 KB]

Meeting #4

July 22, 2020

Meeting presentation [PDF, 1.0 MB]
Meeting summary notes [PDF, 121 KB]
Draft consultant report - B.C. electrification impacts study [PDF, 1.08 MB ]

Meeting #5

July 29, 2020

Meeting presentation [PDF, 2.6 MB] 
Meeting summary notes [PDF, 132 KB]

Meeting #6

November 26, 2020

Meeting presentation [PDF, 2.06 MB]
Meeting summary notes [PDF, 142 KB]

Meeting #7

December 16, 2020

Meeting presentation [PDF, 1.41 MB]
Meeting summary notes [PDF, 122 KB]
Electrification info sheet [PDF, 244 KB]

Meeting #8

January 27, 2021

Meeting presentation [PDF, 2 MB]
Meeting summary notes [PDF, 264 KB]

Meeting #9

April 8, 2021 Meeting presentation [PDF, 1.29 MB]
Meeting summary notes [PDF, 158 KB]

Meeting #10

July 7, 2021

Meeting presentation [PDF, 352 KB]

Resource options update

A key input into the Integrated Resource Plan is our inventory of available resources to meet future customer demand. From the fall of 2019 to the spring 2020, our technical staff collected and reviewed new data - with input from studies, consultants, and others with technical expertise - to ensure our inventory of information was informed by recent trends. Learn more about our recent electricity supply options update.


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