How we're planning


How we're planning

Like other utilities, BC Hydro can't predict exactly what the future holds, so periodically, we create plans to give us long-term strategic direction. We’re calling our current plan-development process, "Clean Power 2040", and we want you to be part of it. 

Through Clean Power 2040, we're gathering input from customers, Indigenous communities, regulators and governments. We’re also looking at technical, financial, environmental and economic development considerations.

Planning for the future

Before we begin drafting our plan, we've been reviewing our current supply while considering past and current trends. We've also looked at how much our customers have been able to reduce their electricity consumption through our conservation and energy efficiency programs.

This information will help us determine what new supply we need to plan for, and when we'll need it.

Climate action

We're focusing on ways that we can meet climate action goals by continuing to provide clean, renewable electricity. To achieve B.C.'s legislated greenhouse gas emission targets many industries in the province will need to shift from fossil fuels to clean electricity. This means we'll need more electricity in the future, which is why we're considering this as part of our planning.

Embracing new technology

New technology is changing the way we live. Planning ahead now means we'll be more resilient and ready to meet your needs over the long term. We're keeping an eye on advancements in technology, exploring ways to integrated it and exploring the potential benefits. For example, we are looking at ways that solar power, battery storage and other advanced technology could fit into our future power system. We're also planning to explore ways to manage electricity use during higher-demand times, including time-of-use rates, electricity conservation and efficiency programs.


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