How we're planning


How we're planning

CleanPower 2040: getting your input

Like other utilities, BC Hydro can’t predict exactly what the future holds, so periodically, we create plans to give us long-term strategic direction. We’re calling our current plan-development process, “CleanPower 2040”, and we want you to be part of it. 

Help shape the next Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), a strategy for B.C.'s power system

We already have one of the cleanest renewable power systems in the world, but our ability to meet your needs now and in the future depends on different assets and factors. This includes our power stations, power lines, conservation initiatives and our understanding of potential demand.

Through CleanPower 2040, we are gathering input from customers, Indigenous communities, regulators and governments. We’re also looking at technical, financial, environmental and economic development considerations. Your forward-thinking input alongside those factors will help us draft actions.

Meeting demand: keeping you in focus

How much electricity will you be using 10 or 20 years from now? What will you need and how will we supply it? As we've seen with COVID-19, there are variables we can’t predict, so it's important to think about the potential range of electricity demand in the province, and be prepared to meet it.

Predicting electricity demand into the future is complicated; over time demand may be higher or lower than expected with the potential for wide variations. We need to consider the things that might cause these variations, and how we might plan for extremes—and everything in between—so that we can make the best choices for you in the future.

Right now, we get our electricity from our generating stations, and purchases from Independent Power Producers. To begin gathering information for the plan, we are reviewing that supply while considering past and current trends. We are also looking at how much you've been able to reduce your electricity consumption through conservation and energy-efficiency programs. This information will help us determine what new supply we need to plan for, and when we will need it.

Climate action

We are focusing on ways that we can meet climate action goals by providing clean, renewable electricity. To achieve B.C.'s legislated greenhouse gas emission targets, we need to make a major shift from fossil fuels to clean electricity. This means we will need more electricity in the future, so CleanPower 2040 will consider how we can support electrification efforts.

Embracing new technology

New technology is changing the way we live. Our planning helps us be resilient and ready to meet your needs over the long term. We're monitoring new technology, exploring ways to meet it, and exploring the potential benefits. For example, we are looking at ways that solar power, battery storage and other advanced technology could fit into our future power system. We're also planning to explore ways to manage electricity use during higher-demand times, including time-of-use rates, electricity conservation and efficiency programs.


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