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PR1 Customer Health and Safety

Customer Safety

Life cycle stages include resource planning, generation, transmission, distribution, and use of electricity.

In resource planning, BC Hydro considers social impacts, positive and negative, along with economic and financial impacts. Health and safety impacts are included in decision-making related to social impacts. Public safety management plans are established for each of our generating facilities. These plans include design, placement, and maintenance of signage and barriers to warn and restrict public access to water and electrical hazards. In transmission and distribution, there are public awareness and training programs and asset management programs to reduce the risk of public contact with BC Hydro's electrical system. Our Incident Management System (IMS) is used to report and track incidents involving the public and it includes requirements for investigation and corrective actions related to incidents involving public safety.

Customer Health

We recognize that some members of the public have concerns regarding electric and magnetic fields (EMF). BC Hydro continues to monitor, evaluate and provides information on EMF to customers and employees. We offer magnetic field measure kits on request to help concerned individuals better understand the level and extent of magnetic fields in residents and workplaces. We also provide EMF related information on request. BC Hydro continues to liaise with standards organizations and public and occupational health agencies.