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LA11 Programs for Skilled Management

BC Hydro offers a suite of leadership and skills development programs for managers:

  1. Supervising for Results. Four-day mandatory program for new supervisors and managers which provides safety leadership, diversity and employee engagement, labour relations and financial and adminsitrative systems training.
  2. Leading for Results 1. Four-and-a-half-day mandatory training program for all managers which provides organizational and stakeholder relations training, situational leadership and teamwork communications training.
  3. Leading for Results 2. Four-day mandatory training program for all managers and management teams on self-awareness and coaching skills.
  4. Coaching for Performance. One-day optional skills training for managers.
  5. Performance Management workshops to provide skills and policy training for assessing and reporting employee performance.
  6. BC Hydro one-day systems and processes training for new managers to BC Hydro.

Professional Development Planning

All BC Hydro employees are required to prepare with their managers an annual Personal Development Plan that sets out career interests and an annual development plan that combines on-the-job learning, mentoring or other relationship building and formal training in a development plan that enables them to maximize their potential within the context of BC Hydro's current and future business requirements.

BC Hydro encourages and supports the professional development of its employees. Where staff are members of a recognized profession, they are expected:

  • To keep abreast of professional developments in their field.
  • To perform their duties in accordance with the recognized standards of that profession.
  • To abide by any code of ethics adopted by their professional association. (As stated in "Professional Development" of the Director & Employee Code of Conduct of the Conduct Expectations Policy.)

Multiple online resources for personal and professional development are also offered to employees and management to improve base skills and gain those needed for advancement or alternative employment.

Career Endings

Preparing for career changes or retirements is a responsibility of both the employee and the company. Both parties have input into Personal Development Plans that should include preparation for career transitions. Pension and retirement planning support is provided through an internal web site and through group and individual seminars. One-on-one retirement counselling is offered to understand pension plans, pre-retirement research and support including time bank usage calculations/advice, or to arrange for pension estimates. Before retirement, employees can use an online tool – POET – to plan and estimate retirement options. BC Hydro Power Pioneers Association was inaugurated in 1989 and since that time has expanded from three to 15 regional branches throughout B.C. representing almost 5,000 BC Hydro retirees.