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HR9 Aboriginal Relations Results for Fiscal 2011

Measure F2011 Results
Corporate Commitment  

Public Statement of corporate-wide commitment to work with Indigenous people in a respectful and mutually-beneficial manner

BC Hydro remains committed to advancing its Board-approved long-term goal of building and maintaining mutually-beneficial and sustainable relationships with First Nations. BC Hydro is also committed, under its Social Responsibility Policy, to developing and fostering healthy relationships with Aboriginal communities.


Corporate commitment to providing employment opportunities to Indigenous people across all occupation types, including strategies for recruitment, retention and advancement

Further to its Aboriginal Employment and Education Strategy, BC Hydro hired a total of 29 Aboriginal employees in F2011. Aboriginal employees comprise approximately 2.2 per cent of BC Hydro's total workforce. BC Hydro's Trades Trainee program successfully advanced Aboriginal employment in the technical stream. Of the 10 Power Line Technician apprentices confirmed for F2011, five were Aboriginal candidates developed through the Trades Trainee program. BC Hydro continues to offer employment, training and educational opportunities through its capital projects.

Business Development  

Corporate commitment to supporting Indigenous businesses that may include targeted procurement, joint ventures, or partnerships with Indigenous communities or businesses

In F2011, BC Hydro developed a strategy to further advance its policy on promoting Aboriginal procurement and business development; $19 million in contracts were awarded to Aboriginal businesses, including a $7.2 million to an aboriginal business for site preparation work, a contract for $4.6 million for vegetation management services, and a contract for $1.6 million in forestry consulting services to a Nation-owned development corporation. BC Hydro has implemented a practice of including in its requests for work an Aboriginal inclusion component. Bidders must demonstrate how they have engaged or plan to engage Aboriginal employees, sub-contractors or business partners. BC Hydro added an additional 190 Aboriginal businesses to its Aboriginal Business Directory this year. BC Hydro communicates its bid opportunities to Aboriginal businesses registered on Directory.

Capacity Development  

Initiatives that contribute to developing the workplace skills and expertise for Indigenous people

BC Hydro held five employment skills development programs, delivered in concert with BC Hydro's capital projects. These programs support Aboriginal employment and business opportunities related to BC Hydro's capital projects. BC Hydro awarded nine Aboriginal scholarships in the fields of social work, engineering, computer science, medicine, business administration and education. In addition, nine Aboriginal bursaries were awarded to support academic upgrade courses needed for employment with BC Hydro. BC Hydro is also engaging with Aboriginal employees to develop a more structured and targeted approach to supporting Aboriginal recruitment, retention and promotion of Aboriginal talent within the company.


Initiatives that demonstrate engagement with Indigenous communities on business activities that may impact their rights and interests

BC Hydro continues to consult with First Nations on its actions that may negatively impact asserted aboriginal rights or title, or treaty rights. This includes consultation on new capital projects, major expansions to existing projects, and BC Hydro's long-term plans. Where possible, BC Hydro will attempt to avoid, minimize or mitigate impacts on asserted aboriginal rights or title, or treaty rights. Where there is the potential for residual effects after these steps have been taken, BC Hydro may attempt to further accommodate First Nations interests through financial and other benefits. Often, BC Hydro provides benefits to First Nations that not only accommodate residual impacts, but also helps to provide for longer-term benefits to First Nations, to strengthen the working relationships between BC Hydro and First Nations, and to contribute to community development opportunities.