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EU16 BC Hydro Safety Policy

BC Hydro is committed to integrating safety in all we do. We will conduct our operations to minimize the chance of injury to employees, contractors and the public. We will work for continual improvement in safety performance, driving to our vision of zero injuries. We believe that the following principles, and their application throughout BC Hydro, are the core of this effort:

  • Management accepts that all incidents are preventable,
  • Management accepts responsibility for providing a safe workplace,
  • Employee involvement is essential,
  • Training to work safely is essential, and
  • All employees are accountable for health and safety.

BC Hydro will respond effectively to emergencies to limit injury and loss of life, to restore electric service and to restore corporate functions. Each Business Group will prepare emergency response plans and ensure employees are qualified and equipped for emergency response.

Our Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring appropriate safety strategies are in place for the Corporation. The Board has delegated implementation, coordination and authority for safety issues through the President and CEO to the Vice-Presidents and, in the case of dam safety, to the Director of Dam Safety. Within their respective Business Group, these individuals will implement, coordinate and oversee all things necessary to fulfill BC Hydro's commitment to safety, emergency response, and dam safety. They are accountable for completing all necessary safety activities and training.

The Board has delegated, through the President and CEO and the appropriate Vice-President to the Manager, Safety and Health, the authority to identify safety risks, other than for dam safety, to strategically advise the Corporation with respect to safety, and to prepare policies and safety management requirements. The Safety & Health department is also responsible for ensuring that the Business Groups are audited for compliance with corporate policy and safety management requirements.

Employees role in fulfilling this policy

Employees are responsible for conducting their work activities and responsibilities in a manner that minimizes the chance of harm or injury to themselves, other employees or the public at large. Should you identify any aspect of company operations that might be a safety concern, you must report it immediately to your supervisor.

Policy Application

Individual Business Groups will ensure that a safety plan is in place aligned with the requirements of the corporate One Hydro Safety System. They will ensure that plans, preparations and training are made in advance so that those involved are capable of fulfilling their respective roles and responsibilities.

The Director of Dam Safety will report on the safety of BC Hydro's dams to the Board of Directors annually or more frequently if required. The Corporation is committed to improving the safety of its dams when the requirements of the Canadian Dam Safety Guidelines are not met and when the risks are assessed as intolerable.

A Corporate Emergency Centre has been established and specific managers and staff have been identified as members of teams that will report to the Centre in a major emergency. Supporting emergency centres have also been established throughout the corporation to facilitate the recovery process.

Supporting Documentation

The WorkSafe BC Occupational Health and Safety Regulation establishes the overall direction and minimum requirements for occupational safety and health plans within the corporation. BC Hydro's One Hydro Safety System, Safety Practices Regulations, Power System Safety Protection System, Work Protection Practice System, and Operating Orders establish key elements of the BC Hydro safety program for employees, contractors and the public.

BC Hydro's Dam Safety Program is based on the Canadian Dam Safety Guidelines, published by the Canadian Dam Safety Association, enhanced by risk management and other appropriate international practices.

  • BC Hydro Safety Management System
  • WorkSafe BC Occupational Health & Safety Regulation
  • Safety Practice Regulations
  • Power System Safety Protection
  • Work Protection Practices
  • Operating Orders
  • Can/CSA Z731-M95 Emergency Planning for Industry
  • BC Emergency Response Management System
  • Canadian Dam Safety Guidelines
  • Water Act

Employees can view BC Hydro's internal Safety website for detailed requirements of the One Hydro Safety System.