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Disclosure on Management Approach - Biodiversity

Pest and Vegetation Management along Transmission and Distribution Corridors

Vegetation management on the BC Hydro transmisson and distribution system is overseen by the Vegetation Strategy and Standards Group in Asset Investment Management (AIM). Program standards are based on Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) principles which are considered utility best practice and meets legislative requirements. The program is designed to ensure public and worker safety and system reliability by maintaining the tall-growing vegetation within statutory rights of way or easements to ensure that they do not grow into the powerlines. The program also manages falling tree hazards from trees adjacent to the powerlines with a focus on forest health. Substations and facilities are managed to ensure the integrity of the ground grid by keeping them essentially weed free.

Pest Managment Plans (PMP) are in place for Transmission Rights of Way, Distribution corridors, and Secured Facilities (substations and microwave sites), respectively. The PMPs describe the objectives of the respective maintenance programs, the methods of vegetation control available (manual, mechanical, chemical, cultural) and it is under these plans that herbicide use can take place.

All maintenance work is performed by external contractors overseen by Field Operations Vegetation managers who operate under approved annual work plans developed by AIM. Field Operations undertake all work in accordance with the approved work plan parameters and maintenance standards.

There is a woodpole test and treat program that follows integrated pest management principles: Pest Management Plan for Wood Structure Maintenance. The key aim is to prolong the useful life of wood structures by controlling damage that can be caused by insects and fungal pathogens. This program is developed by the T&D Line Strategy and Standards group in Asset Investment Management. Operationally the work is overseen by Portfolio Projects and Programs (3PM) in Major Projects Delivery who work with Field Operations to execute the maintenance activities.

Currently, management is not aware of any problems or difficulties related to the T&D herbicide or test and treat program activities.