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EN26 Initiatives to Mitigate Environmental Impacts of Products and Services

As guidance, BC Hydro has an Environmental Responsibility Policy which was revised and approved in F2011. This provides guidance to staff on expectations on how to develop, operate and maintain our system and establishes a hierarchy that we aim to avoid, minimize and offset where we have an impact on the environment.

Examples of this include:

Demand Side Management programs avoid the environmental impacts associated with building new infrastructure and generating stations. Where new build is required we employ Environment by Design principles into the project management process to avoid environment impact were practicable.

BC Hydro's Environmental Management System (EMS), which is ISO 14001 consistent, provides the framework for identifying and controlling environmental risks and improving environmental performance.

The Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program (FWCP) conserves and enhances fish, wildlife and their supporting habitats affected by BC Hydro owned and operated generation facilities in the Coastal, Columbia and Peace regions of British Columbia. BC Hydro also offsets our Greenhouse Gas Emissions to meet our Carbon Neutral requirements.