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EN21 Total Water Discharged by Quality and Destination

Burrard Generating Station water discharge is equal to water withdrawl by source. Both salt water and fresh water is discharged to Burrard Inlet and the parameters are regulated by permit from the Ministry of Environment.

Blowdown is cooled with freshwater prior to discharge, the permit is <32 °C. Carbon filter effleunt is regulated at <50 mg/l total suspended solids. Water treatment plant effluent pH is adjusted to be between 6.5 to 8.5. Ammonia farm discharge is regulated at <5.0 mg/l oil and grease. Turbine hall effluent is regulated at <10 mg/l oil and grease, <27 °C, and total residual chlorine <0.020 mg/l.

Fort Nelson Generating Station discharge approximately 50 per cent of volume withdrawn by source.