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EU8 Research and Development Activities

BC Hydro does not separate research and development budgets on a project-by-project basis. As a result, we are not able to report on project/activity expenditures aimed at promotiong sustainable development. However, a number of the projects currrently underway are noted below.

Significant Programs Underway Description and Current Activities
EV Charging Infrastructure Demonstration at Dunsmuir Building Fast charging installed at the downtown Vancouver BC Hydro building. Staff can now charge their own or fleet vehicles when they are parked downtown.
Utility scale storage at Golden and Field, B.C. A demonstration project where large scale batteries are employed to provide capacity in a transmssion constrained community.
Solar panels and electric vehicle charging at Terrace City Hall PV panels were installed on the roof of City Hall in Terrace, B.C. The power feeds into the grid through net metering and thus offsets any potential emissions from their plug-in hybrid vehicle.
British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) Microgrid Further partnerships created with private technology companies to develop home energy management software. Work initiatied on a substation that will be equipped with the communications technology required for smart grid applications.
BCIT-Afresh House Installation of smart appliances and connection of a wind tower.