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EU6 Disclosure on Management's Approach

Management's approach to ensure short and long-term electricity availability and reliability

BC Hydro compliance description

The Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) is BC Hydro's resource plan to meet its customers' energy and capacity requirements over the next 20 years. While the analysis is over 20 years, the IRP focuses on near term actions that require immediate commitments to ensure customers have adequate and reliable supply of electricity. BC Hydro is currently working on a 2011 IRP that will update the 2008 Long-Term Acquisition Plan.


Electricity demand is forecast to grow by as much as 40 per cent over the next 20 years. Despite British Columbian's growing commitment to electricity conservation, additional conservation as well as generation and transmission resources are still needed to meet customers' requirements.

BC Hydro's long-term plans are updated every few years. The last plan developed was the 2008 Long-Term Electricity Plan (LTAP). Under B.C.'s new Clean Energy Act, an integrated resource plan (IRP) must be submitted to government by early December 2011, and thereafter at least once every five years (unless a specific submission date is prescribed).

Currently, BC Hydro is preparing the 2011 IRP, which will establish our plan for conservation and set the course for acquiring sufficient generation and transmission resources to reliably and cost-effectively meet customers' anticipated future electricity needs over the coming decades.