Rebates for energy-efficient products

We offer rebates seasonally for products that improve the energy efficiency of your home. Take advantage of the deals while they’re here to start seeing savings on your electricity bill.

Most of our recent seasonal rebates ended November 12, but rebates for thermostats have been extended until December 10. 

Thermostat rebates – extended until Dec. 10

Purchase an eligible thermostat between October 15 and December 10 and apply for the rebate online by January 11, 2022.

Eligible products and requirements:

  • $40 rebate for smart thermostats for electric heating. 
  • $5 rebate for programmable digital thermostats for electric heating.
  • Must be for 120/240V line voltage (electric baseboard) heating. Smart thermostats must be CSA cybersecurity certified.
  • Maximum 5 units per approved product, per customer transaction. 

View list of eligible thermostats [PDF, 119 KB]

Excludes mechanical and non-programmable thermostats, and supporting devices (e.g. smart hubs and home kits, smart baseboards).

Participating retailers: Best Buy, Canadian Tire, Costco, The Home Depot, Mysa, Sinope



Rebates for appliances and bathroom fans

If you purchased a rebate-eligible appliance or bathroom fan between October 15 and November 12, you have until January 11, 2022 to apply for the rebate online.

Eligible ENERGY STAR® clothes washers*: 

  • $50 rebate for clothes washers with an integrated modified energy factor (IMEF) of 2.92 or higher, and an integrated water factor (IWF) of 3.2 or less.

View list of eligible washers [PDF, 137 KB]

Eligible ENERGY STAR® clothes dryers: 

  • $25 rebate for electric clothes dryers with combined energy factor (CEF) of 3.93 to 4.20.
  • $100 rebate for electric clothes dryers with CEF of 4.3 or higher*.
  • $100 rebate for gas clothes dryers.

View list of eligible dryers [PDF, 244 KB]

Eligible ENERGY STAR ® refrigerators**:

  • $25 rebate for fridges that are 10% better than federal standard (Baseline E-star).
  • $100 rebate for fridges that are 15% better than federal standard.

View list of eligible fridges [PDF, 430 KB]

Participating retailers: Best Buy, Costco, The Home Depot, Trail Appliances, Leon’s, The Brick

*Must meet the ENERGY STAR® specifications as of August 12.                                                                              **No compact refrigerators (must be greater than 11 cubic feet). No built-in, freezerless or single-door refrigerators. 

Eligible products and requirements:

  • $20 rebate for fans that are on ENERGY STAR®’s 2021 ventilating fan list.

View list of eligible bathroom fans [PDF, 107 KB]

Participating retailers: Canadian Tire, The Home Depot

How to get the rebate

For appliances, thermostats and bathroom fans, apply for the rebate by January 11, 2022.

  1. Buy – Purchase a qualifying product at a participating retailer.
  2. Snap – Take a photo of your receipt.
  3. Submit – Go to to select your rebate method and submit your receipt. 

What information is needed on my purchase receipt?

Online receipts must display the following information: Customer's full-name, purchase date, payment amount, shipping address, product SKU number and retailer name.

-Tip: this information is usually contained in the confirmation or shipping email you receive from the retailer.

In-store receipts must display the following information: Purchase date, payment amount, product SKU number, retailer name, retailer address.

Important: If your receipt doesn't clearly display all of this information it will be rejected.  

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