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Rebates for energy-efficient products

We offer rebates seasonally for products that improve the energy efficiency of your home. Take advantage of the deals when they’re here to start seeing savings on your electricity bill.

There are no product rebates available right now, but check back in the fall.

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Learn about products that help you save energy

Person is adjusting the thermostat


Check back later for deals on programmable and smart thermostats.

Want to learn more about the technology? See how smart thermostats bring you efficiency and convenience.



You can still register your Mysa or Sinope smart thermostat for the Peak Rewards Program, and earn approximately $35 per year. We’ll remotely adjust your eligible connected smart home devices during peak electricity times of the day, to help save energy, but you can override control of your device at anytime.

water flowing from a shower head

Draftproofing & water-saving supplies

Check back later for deals on draftproofing and water-saving supplies.

For now, familiarize yourself with the draftproofing options available, and how the right showerheads and faucets cut down on hot water costs.



Man looking in fridge

Washers, dryers & fridges

Check back later for great deals on washers, dryers, and fridges.

If you're thinking about replacing an old appliance, discover the benefits of ENERGY STAR® washers, dryers, and fridges.



Installing bathroom fans

Bathroom fans

Check back later for deals on bathroom fans.

Installing adequate ventilation helps control moisture and remove odours.



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Explore and compare energy-efficient appliances and products from multiple major retailers, all in one place.

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What about home renovation products?

We offer rebates for renovations that improve your home's energy efficiency, such as insulation, windows/doors, heat pumps and water heaters.

Home renovation rebates