Understand your business electricity use

Online tracking tools can help cut costs

With online energy tracking tools, you have access to detailed information about your business' electricity use throughout the billing period.

  • See how much electricity your business is using each day and at what cost.
  • Customize electricity use information by rate class.
  • Compare to last year's electricity use and see how the outside temperature affects your electricity use.
  • Estimate your electricity costs based on usage patterns.
  • If you're a small general service rate customer, access your hourly use in kilowatt hours (kWh) and in dollars.
  • If you're a large or medium general service rate customer, access your electricity use data in 5-minute intervals – up to the previous day. Set conservation targets and alerts and reminders to manage and track your electricity use. 
  • Download your electricity data for offline analysis.

How to save

The energy tracking tools calculate estimated costs based on your actual electricity use patterns. If these patterns change, the estimate will change accordingly, making it possible for you to see the impact of those changes by the next day.

When you receive your bill, it's already too late to make any changes to reduce your electricity use for that billing period. Seeing detailed and timely information about your business' electricity use on a regular basis can help you to quickly find ways to save energy and money.

Don't forget to sign up for a weekly or monthly email alert to stay on track with your energy conservation goals. Set an electricity use threshold target and receive an alert when you are halfway to or have exceeded your threshold.

Get started

Create a MyHydro profile and link your account to your profile. If you already have an online account, login to MyHydro, and select "view detailed consumption" to access the energy tracking tools.