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BC Hydro statement on Auditor General report

VANCOUVER: BC Hydro released the following statement today in response to the B.C. Auditor General report that examined BC Hydro’s fraud risk management program on the Site C project:

“The B.C. Auditor General’s report confirms that BC Hydro has elements of fraud risk management in place including controls to defend against fraud threats. We do not tolerate fraud as an organization and earlier this year, we implemented a new fraud risk policy at BC Hydro that formalizes our fraud risk management program.

”We have accepted all five recommendations of the Auditor General and we welcome their ideas to help formalize our fraud risk management program. Many of the recommendations are already being implemented and we will work to adopt all recommendations as quickly as possible.

”Our commitment to fraud risk management to date has included a code of conduct policy, internal ethics officer, anonymous reporting line for employees and related annual training on these items for all BC Hydro employees.

”We are confident that our existing measures – along with the recommendations from the Auditor General – provide for a robust fraud risk management program at BC Hydro.”

– David Wong, Executive Vice President, Finance, Technology, Supply Chain and CFO

BC Hydro Media Relations