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Electricity demand increasing, another June record falls

VANCOUVER: Extreme temperatures in B.C. have significantly driven up demand for power, and on Friday night the peak hourly demand record for June – the hour customers use the most power – was broken for a second time this week.

BC Hydro expects demand for power to continue to increase this weekend and it will likely peak on Monday – the day the all-time summer record is expected to be broken. The last summer record was set on August 18, 2020 when peak hourly demand reached about 7,900 megawatts. Monday’s peak hourly demand could reach up to 8,300 megawatts, shattering the previous record.

BC Hydro wants to assure its customers that its clean, hydroelectric system can meet the additional demand. It has also taken important steps to protect the safety of its customers and employees, including canceling the majority of planned outages as well as suspending disconnections for non-payment.

BC Hydro encourages customers looking for ways to keep cool and save money during the heat wave to consider:

  • Closing the drapes and blinds: Shading windows can block out up to 65 per cent of the heat.
  • Shutting doors and windows: If the temperature outside is warmer than inside, keep doors and windows closed to keep the cooler air in and the warm air out.
  • Using a fan: Running a fan nine hours a day over the summer costs just $7.
  • Being a star: Purchase an ENERGY STAR air conditioner as they use about 30 to 40 per cent less power than standard units.
  • Opting for smaller appliances: Use a microwave, crockpot or toaster oven to avoid the extra heat produced by larger appliances when preparing meals.

As the temperatures and demand for power rise over the weekend and into next week, BC Hydro will provide additional updates on how much load has increased and how the system is performing.

BC Hydro Media Relations
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