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BC Hydro confirms positive COVID-19 case at Site C

VANCOUVER: BC Hydro is confirming a positive COVID-19 case at the Site C work camp in Fort St. John, B.C.

BC Hydro was notified over the long weekend that a contractor worker staying in the worker accommodation tested positive.

Under the direction of health officials all contact tracing has been completed and one additional worker has been asked to isolate. There is a low risk of transmission due to the precautions taken by the worker while at site and the protocols in place in the camp.

The worker is being cared for by the on-site health clinic, which has the trained staff, facilities and supplies required to provide health care to workers in isolation or quarantine. The worker will remain quarantined in their room, which is in a separate dormitory and away from other workers, until they are medically cleared to leave.

BC Hydro has been closely monitoring the situation with COVID-19 since January. Extensive measures to protect the health and safety of workers on the Site C project have been implemented to reduce the potential for transmission at camp.

This is the third confirmed case of COVID-19 on the Site C project to date. All three instances are unrelated.

The company’s top priority on the Site C project will always be the safety of its employees, workers and members of the public. BC Hydro continues to work with the Northern Health Authority and strictly follow all federal and provincial health guidelines to protect other workers in the camp and the local community.

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