News Release

John Hart Generation Station Replacement

Located within the city of Campbell River on Vancouver Island, the John Hart Generating Station has been operating since 1947. It is one of the oldest and most important generating facilities in BC Hydro’s hydroelectric system on Vancouver Island.  It was the first of three generating stations constructed on Campbell River.

There are three key reasons why BC Hydro needs to modernize and transform the John Hart facility:

  • The ongoing risk and consequence to fish from unplanned river flow reductions.
  • Seismic risks to the pipelines and powerhouse.
  • Long-term reliability of the John Hart Generating Station, including an increase in power generation capacity by using more efficient equipment.

Since 2007, BC Hydro has consulted with First Nations, and engaged agencies, stakeholders and the public on the safety, reliability and environmental benefits of the project.

In the coming years, the John Hart Generating Station will be transformed. The current scope of the project is to replace the above-ground pipelines with a two kilometre underground tunnel, and construct a new powerhouse beside the existing one. Throughout construction, the generating station will continue to supply power.

BC Hydro’s procurement schedule is to issue a Request for Qualification in spring 2011, a Request for Tender in fall 2011, and announce the procurement award by late summer 2012.  Construction could begin as early as 2012 and last for approximately five years.


  • The upgrades at John Hart will:
  • increase system capacity and reliability of supply,
  • improve the seismic safety of the plant,
  • maintain water flows for the fish habitat, and
  • lead to construction-related economic benefits for Campbell River and Vancouver Island.


  • Project cost: approximately $1.35 billion
  • Completion date: estimated 2016/2017
  • Increased capacity: 126 MW to 138 MW

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